Three Advanced Courses Bundle


Terrific Tenses + Marvellous Modals + Cool Conditionals


Three Complete Courses


These courses cover everything you need to know about tenses, modals and conditionals so you can use them with confidence.


Advanced Level


We look at advanced (C1) uses of the conditionals, modals and tenses.


Money Back Guarantee


If you don't like the courses, send us an email within 30 days and we will refund all your money.


These three courses will help you:


1: Feel confident about difficult areas of grammar.


2: Sound more sophisticated and intelligent when you speak and write in English.


3: Pass your exams (the courses will help with FCE, CAE and IELTS exams).


What you get



Terrific Tenses


28 videos

18 exercises

25 quizzes

flashcard decks

PDFs of everything



Cool Conditionals


8 videos

8 exercises

8 quizzes


PDFs of everything



Marvellous Modals


9 videos

9 exercises

5 quizzes

flashcard decks

PDFs of everything

picture of the teacher

Hi, I’m Seonaid, your teacher!

And together with the Perfect English Grammar team, I've helped tens of millions of students improve their grammar.

I'm a British native speaker of English. I have a Master's degree (MPhil) from Cambridge University in English and Linguistics and I've been teaching English for many years.


Languages are wonderful! I love teaching and I love thinking about languages and how we can learn them really well. I'm here to help you use the best techniques to improve your grammar and achieve your English goals.



What If...


What if you could really understand the tenses?


Present perfect, past simple, future perfect continuous? They're more systematic than you think! Fix your confusion about the tenses with my Terrific Tenses course. I explain everything clearly, simply and systematically and there are lots of quizzes to help you remember.


What if you could finally feel confident about the conditionals?


Most courses talk about the first, second and third conditionals (if it rains, I'll stay at home). But using more interesting and advanced conditionals helps your speaking and writing sound educated and sophisticated. In my Cool Conditionals course, I explain all the details about how we use real and unreal conditionals, inversion with conditionals and much more.


What if you could use the modals like a native?


Native English speakers use modal verbs (like must, might, will, would, may, can, could, should, ought to and shall) in lots of different ways. For example, did you know we can use 'might' to mean 'although'? This is called a modal of concession. Clear up your confusion and understand better with the Marvellous Modals course. I explain all the uses clearly and simply. Make your emails or writing exams impressive!


Frequently Asked Questions



The course starts now and you can keep it forver. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.


You can keep the courses forever and study them whenever you like.


WE offer a full 30-day guarantee. Just send us an email and we'll give you your money back.


Yes! You are very welcome to use this material in your classroom or with your private students. Everything can be printed and photocopied.


If the course is the wrong level for you, send us an email and we will enroll you in the right level. It's not a problem at all.


Get the Advanced Courses Bundle

Jana from the Czech Republic (about the modals course)

Very thorough and comprehensive explanations.

Hasan from Turkey (about the conditionals course)

I worked out the root of the conditionals which was a huge result.

Elena from Ukraine (about the tenses course)

The most structured grammar I've ever seen. Finally, it became clear! So may years of pain and misunderstanding. Love you!


Patricia from Mexico (about the tenses course)

My English has improved!. I teach grammar English in México and of course this is very, very helpful. Practising for few hours is not enough. I had forgotten important parts of the grammar and honestly there is information I haven’t seen before. Really, thank you so much, I really enjoyed your lessons.

Regina from Brazil (about the modals course)

I liked everything. The course clarified many doubts that I had.

Tatiana from Russia (about the conditionals course)

I was blown away with the quality (and quantity) of the material. Compared to the depth of this course, standard textbooks just scratch the surface. I have never seen a course structured like this before. The way it is structured makes it easier to understand the grammar rules. It's an amazing piece of work.

Raquel from Spain (about the modals course)

The explanations are clear and there are a lot of exercises to practise.

Paulina from Poland (about the tenses course)

It is marvellous! I like the construction of the course and the choice of the sequence of tenses. I also liked the quizzes! I think your terrific tenses course should be obligatory to all Polish students! Then we won't have problems with English grammar. This repetition of tenses was exactly what I needed! Thank you Seonaid!

Lenka from the Czech Republic (about the conditionals course)

It's a very useful way to explain such a difficult part of grammar. I really enjoyed the video explanations.

Pedro from Spain (about the modals course)

Your step-by-step explanation is very clear.

Ivana from Slovakia (about the tenses course)

It was great! I feel more confident when I speak English and I’m not shy to say something when the conversation is in English. I’m so thankful for that!

Raquel from Spain (about the conditionals course)

Finally, I've managed to understand conditionals, particularly second and third conditionals. Now, it's easier to use them and follow more complex conversations.

Nicholas from Brazil (about the tenses course)

The explanations are really clear.

Jojo from Israel (about the conditionals course)

The explanations are easy to understand. I passed two exams thankfully because of you.

Marketa from the Czech Republic (about the modals course)

Helpful, all explained clearly.

Anna from Poland (about the conditionals course)

My understanding of the topic is good now. I think I will able to use conditionals much more easily now while talking.

Nichola, from Germany (about the tenses course)

I liked the clear structure and the detailed explanations. After finishing the third course on this platform my understanding in grammar has increased.

Ilya from Russia (about the conditionals course)

As always it has explanations that are very clear and alive. Another important thing is there is a lot of practice. My language became more natural.

Nicola from Germany (about the conditionals course)

The explanations were very understandable and also available for reading. I also enjoyed that a lot of exercises were available and the course has got a clear structure to follow.

Mercedes from Spain (about the tenses course)

Well explained, even the tricky bits. Clear and to the point. It has been helpful to clarify dark points about English grammar that I haven't grasped until now.

Natalita from Russia (about the modals course)

Brilliant explanation and exercises. My English makes a good expression on my colleagues and business partners. I feel more confident and powerful. Thank you!

Stephan from Canada (about the modals course)

I'm an ESL teacher, I've found that lessons are well organized. My students will definitely improve.

Thomas from Austria (about the conditionals course)

I feel safer with my skills about conditionals now and I'm sure that it will help me for my future studies.

Regina from Brazil (about the tenses course)

In my opinion, your course is so important for everyone who wants to improve their English grammar.