30-Day Collocations Challenge 2


Learn 150 collocations - the secret to sounding natural in English


30 lessons in 30 days


Get a short new lesson every day for 30 days. You'll need around 20 minutes a day.


Clear, short explanations


I explain everything you need to know in detail. You can watch my videos or read the explanations.


Proper, serious practice


Exercises, PDFs, reviews. You'll know 150 collocations and be able to use them easily by the end of the challenge.


"I can speak English but I don't sound natural and I translate in my head."


I remember once, when I was studying French at university, my French professor said to me, "your writing is all correct, but it just doesn't sound French! I can't give you a good mark."

I was really shocked! I'd tried hard to get everything correct. But my choice of words in French just wasn't natural and I didn't know how to fix the problem.

Later, when I was studying linguistics at Cambridge (where I focused on the psychology of how adults learn foreign languages), I found the answer!

The answer was collocations.


What's a collocation?


A collocation is a group of words that often go together, like 'make a mistake' or 'heavy rain' or 'a slim book' or 'solve a problem'.


If you translate each word from your language, it's easy to say something like 'do a mistake' or 'big rain' or 'a thin book' or 'improve a problem'.

All of these are grammatically correct! But they're not what native English speakers say.


Introducing ...

The Collocations 30-Day Challenge

A 30-day online course that teaches you 150 really useful collocations

The perfect challenge for upper-intermediate and advanced learners who want to sound natural and sophisticated in English.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and use 150 important English collocations

We chose the collocations very carefully for you and we use them ourselves every day.

  • Remember the collocations by using scientifically-proven learning techniques

No more forgetting the words that you study! It’s really possible to remember the new vocabulary using this method.

  • Make your English sound more like a native speaker’s

Collocations are the key to making sentences like a native speaker and sounding natural in English.

  • Build the habit of studying every day

You’ll be really surprised by how much progress you can make in a month if you study a little every day.

What our students say:

It is a fantastic method to learn. I didn't have any problems remembering new vocabulary. It is easier for me to speak English. I wish there were a lot more vocabulary courses like this one.

(Andrea, from Germany)

Hi, I’m Seonaid, your teacher!

And together with the Perfect English Grammar team, I've helped tens of millions of students improve their grammar.

I'm a British native speaker of English. I have a Master's degree (MPhil) from Cambridge University in English and Linguistics and I've been teaching English for many years.


Languages are wonderful! I love teaching and I love thinking about languages and how we can learn them really well. I'm here to help you use the best techniques to improve your grammar and achieve your English goals.

What’s inside the Collocations 30-Day Challenge?

A daily email to remind you to do your lesson

We’ll help you build the habit of studying every day so that you can really make progress.

30 video lessons

I explain five new collocations in a daily video so that you can easily understand the meanings and how to use them.

30 online review exercises

It’s important to immediately review the collocations. It’s the first step in remembering them long term.

30 online mini review exercises

These let you review the previous day’s collocations so that you can check how much you remember.

6 longer review exercises

Every five days, we review all the collocations that we’ve studied so far, mixed together.

Flashcards of everything with audio

Flashcards are the secret that lets you put the collocations in your long-term memory so that you can use them years in the future and the audio helps you get the pronunciation perfect.

PDFs of everything

Do you prefer to write with a pen? Everything can be downloaded and printed out.

Videos to explain how to use everything

The memory techniques aren’t only useful for the collocations You can use them to remember any vocabulary that you want.

Support from the Perfect English Grammar team

Ask us your questions inside the course and we’ll answer them. We’re here to help you!

Dana from Canada

Even though I'm fully bilingual, English is my second language, and each 30-day challenge really helps to discover language finesses that only a native speaker can teach. I've noticed an improvement in my everyday communication.

Alice from Hong Kong

The collocations are really useful and surely will come in handy in the future. I enjoy learning them and I won't forget them as there are loads of exercises and flashcards inside the course. Collocations are useful in both spoken English and written English. I really have learnt a lot!

Emilia from Poland

In my considered opinion, this course was absolutely a wise choice! :) I'm a firm believer in your method as I really use most of these collocations! I'm sure this course won't be the last one I ordered from you. Highly effective, I thoroughly enjoyed it!/p>

Svetlana from Russia

Very useful collocations for everyday communication, very effective way to master them (revision + flashcards). I have been using a lot of collocations I have learned in my conversations.

Ruben from Chile

I liked the explanation, the exercises and the flashcard are very useful. I suddenly realized that I was using some collocations when I spoke with a friend.

Andrea from Germany

It is a fantastic method to learn. I hadn't any problems remembering new vocabulary. It is easier for me to speak English. I wished there were a lot more vocabulary courses like this one.


Frequently Asked Questions



The course starts on the 1st day of the month. You'll get a new lesson every day inside the course area for 30 days.


After the 30 days, you'll have access to the lessons forever. It doesn't matter if you don't finish everything in August. It's always yours.


We offer a full 30-day guarantee. Just send us an email and we'll give you your money back.


Yes! You are very welcome to use this material in your classroom or with your private students. Everything can be printed and photocopied.


This course is closed for enrollment.

Dalane from Brazil

Short lessons, easy to keep up with, and a new set of them. I had a conversation with a Phillipino friend and she told me I'm sounding more natural... I felt very confident.

Anastasia from Belarus

I liked the amount of new expressions that we learned every day. Also, the expressions are quite popular and could be used on a daily basis. My speech is more colorful now.

Joanna from Germany

I have learned 150 new collocations and through the course, I was able to hone my writing and speaking skills! I love that challenge! 100% recommendation!!!