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What is a… Determiner? Conjunction? Subordinate Clause?

If you are unsure, you are in the right place. The Grammar Words Mini-Course explains everything you need to know about essential grammar words that are used in everyday English lessons.

Once you master the grammar words, you will be able to:

  • Easily understand English teachers and all of the explanations
  • Learn the English language faster
  • Reach your English language goals with ease

Master grammar words, so you can easily understand all the explanations that language teachers use, progress faster, and reach your goals.

So, you started this new English course, got a new app, or started talking to your new teacher…

You were so eager and determined to get to the next level with your English writing and speaking skills, but you find that the explanations, definitions, and exercise instructions confuse you:

Adjective or adverb?

Hmmm! What are they exactly again?

And what are determiners, auxiliary verbs, and subordinate clauses?

The words themselves sound complicated and academic, so how are you supposed to understand all the grammar rules, never mind use them?

You feel confused, and it makes learning English more complicated than it should be.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

With the Grammar Words Mini-Course, you can learn all the words English teachers use to talk about grammar, so it's easier to understand grammar books and courses in less than 30 minutes of video lessons.

"The course reviews the basic grammar information you need to understand the other courses much better."

- Kathy from Germany

"I liked all topics in the course. Firstly, the explanation is very easy to understand. Secondly, the number of exercises is appropriate. I think it is an excellent course! "

- Pamela from Brazil

"Everything was clear and well presented."

- John from Ireland

"The grammar words are explained concisely and effectively."

- Mike Xiao from the USA

"All the explanations are very easy to understand. I like the exercises."

- Svetlana from Bulgaria

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Here’s what’s possible with the Grammar Words Mini-Course

Save time!

Save your precious time

Not knowing the exact meaning of the words language instructors use to explain the grammar rules can cause you to make mistakes in your exercises, and then have to do them again.

You might waste hours on googling the grammar words time after time!

With the Grammar Words Mini-Course, you will understand the meaning of grammar words once and for all, and continue to improve your language skills without them ever slowing you down again.

Understand English grammar easily

I’m sure you’ve looked for the explanations of the grammar words before, maybe even written them down. But that’s not how our brains are wired. The same as with language, if you want new words and definitions to stick and to understand them easily, you need to practise!

That’s why you won’t only get explanations of the grammar words in the Grammar Words Mini-Course, but also exercises that will enable you to remember the words so that you can understand English grammar in the future too.

Get ahead faster

As you won’t be stopping to demystify grammar words every time you run into a definition or an exercise instruction that includes them - you’ll improve your English language skills faster!

Be more confident

After you complete the Grammar Words Mini-Course, you’ll stop feeling frustration every time you start a new language course or a book because you’ll be confident you’ll understand all the grammar words, definitions, and explanations inside.

The Grammar Words Mini-Course covers all the grammatical words and names teachers use to explain different functions, speech parts, their role, and usage in the language.

In this course, you’ll have all the explanations and practice you need to master the grammar words and make learning English much easier.

Make the most of your learning efforts - understand EVERYTHING your teachers talk about

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"Easy to follow, clear teaching and simplifies the grammar forms which have had trouble to find before"

- Elise who lives in Australia

"I love how easy and simple the explanations are!"

- Isolina from Cape Verde

"The sections are clearly explained. Having the explanations in video and text form gives those with different learning styles options. Overall, it is very simply laid out which makes it accessible. I enjoyed it!"

- Miriam who lives in Australia

Who is the Grammar Words Mini-Course best for?

  • If you’re a high school or university student, a young professional or you want to be an English teacher and you don’t have a background in languages and linguistics, but you really want to master the English language
  • If you find grammar terms confusing and difficult to understand
  • If you want to understand explanations, definitions, and instructions for grammar exercises quickly and without frustration, without investing unnecessary time and effort
  • If mastering the English language is important to reach bigger life goals, and you want to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible,

... then the Grammar Words Mini-Course is the right choice for you!

Your Instructor

Hello, I’m Seonaid (it's pronounced 'show - na'!), your teacher.

And I'm delighted to meet you!

Apart from being a native British English speaker, I have spent my whole career first learning about (I have a Master's degree from Cambridge University in English and Applied Linguistics) and then teaching English (I've been teaching English for nearly twenty years).

I’m honoured and excited whenever someone is interested in learning our beautiful language!

That’s why I created Perfect English Grammar, a website that has helped millions of students from over a hundred countries!

I also like learning new languages.

So far, I’ve studied French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

And I have noticed that I get ahead much faster than many people, because of my solid linguistic background; I don’t need to stop and google whenever I meet complicated grammar words that are often used in language courses and books.

That got me thinking about how these confusing words can also confuse you, my students, and get in the way of your learning.

I wanted to help :)

And that is why I created the Grammar Words Mini-Course.

So you can improve your English and reach your goals as a fluent speaker as soon as possible!

Here’s what you’ll find Grammar Words Mini-Course:

✔️ 30 min of video materials

✔️ 10 bite-sized lessons where I clearly explain the meaning of the grammar words.

✔️ 13 exercises that will help you remember all the grammar words, and make them a normal part of your vocabulary, so you can effortlessly understand grammar explanations and instructions in the future.

✔️ All the explanations and exercises in a PDF document.

With the Grammar words Mini-Course, you also get:

Instant access to all the lessons, exercises and downloads

Lifetime unlimited access to the course

Real-life examples

100% money-back guarantee - no questions asked

And today I have a special offer for you! You get a 70% discount!

That means you pay ONLY $6 (+ tax from your country)

For less than the cost of two cups of coffee, you can learn to understand complicated grammar words so you can master the English language faster and more easily.

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"Explanations are simple and easy to memorize"

- Nadia from Israel

"Grammar Words Mini-Course is simple and well organized."

- Joaquin from Argentina

"The course is very clear and easy to accomplish. Everything is just perfect! Thank you!"

- Tatiana from Russia

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t learning ABOUT grammar just theory? How will learning theory help me speak and write the language better?
Sometimes the best way to go faster is to slow down and understand the basics. In this case, taking a little time (only 30 min of video lessons, plus the time you need to complete the exercises) will let you understand the grammar words that books, teachers, and courses use to explain how the English language works. So, by spending a little time now using the Grammar Words Mini-Course, you’ll be saving time in the end and speeding up your success.
What happens when you click “Enrol in Grammar Words Mini-Course”?
You’ll be directed to the Teachable (the platform I use to deliver my courses) order page which is protected with a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment. Once you’re there, fill in your credit card or PayPal details and click Pay Now, and when you do, you’ll get instant access to all the course materials.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If for any reason you decide the Grammar Words Mini-Course is not right for you, all you need to do is email us at [email protected] within 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked!
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts immediately and you can keep it forever. It's an online course. You can go as fast or as slow as you like and you can review what you've learned anytime.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Don’t let the lack of understanding of the grammar words slow down your progress and stand in the way of reaching your bigger goals.

Enrol in the Grammar Words Mini-Course today, and master the grammar words in only 30 minutes and for only $6!

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Get started now!