Terrific Tenses

Advanced level review of all the English tenses

Review all the English tenses!

This course covers all 12 tenses, from the present simple to the past perfect continuous. There are clear explanations and practice to help you remember everything.

Really understand the tricky English tenses and learn how to remember them and use them properly!

If you do the whole course carefully, you'll be able to:

  • form all 12 tenses easily and without thinking
  • understand how the tenses work together as a system
  • know the situations when we need to use each tense
  • be much better at using the tenses in real conversations and writing

What level is this for?

You should be upper intermediate (B2) or above. This isn't for beginners.

***This is very similar to the 30-day tenses challenge. If you have already bought that challenge, don't buy this too.***

If you don't like the course for any reason, just send us an email within 30 days and we will refund all of your money, no questions asked.

Here's what some of the lovely Perfect English Grammar students have said about the tenses course:

Useful, amazing, interesting. Lessons were not too long or short. (Mihaela from Romania)

I've learned something new everyday although I'm considered bilingual to a C (advanced) level. (Mélitza from Quebec)

Very clear explanations and good exercises. There isn't anything to improve. I found it perfect. (Laura from Italy)

I like your course because your explanations are very precise and clear. (Nathalie from France)

The explanations were just what I need, and are difficult to find in many books. I enjoyed it very much. (Antonio from Spain)

Thank you very much! Everything is perfect. There is nothing to improve. (Viktoria from Ukraine)

Your Instructor

Seonaid Beckwith
Seonaid Beckwith

Hello! I'm delighted to meet you!

I'm Seonaid (it's pronounced 'show - na'!) and I write everything at Perfect English Grammar. I have a Master's degree from Cambridge University in English and Applied Linguistics and I've been teaching English for nearly twenty years. My website Perfect English Grammar has helped millions of students from over a hundred countries. I've studied French, German, Spanish and Japanese myself, so I know how hard it is! I'm British and I live in London.

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