Lesson 4: 'The' and 'no article' for places in a city

We use 'the' with some places in cities and we use 'no article' with other places.

No article:

Areas in a city: They visited a restaurant in Manhattan.

Parks: Shall we go to Central Park this afternoon? (We say 'the park' when we're not using its name.)

Stations I met my friend at Victoria Station.  (We say 'the station' when not using its name.)

Airports We flew from Heathrow Airport. (We say 'the airport' when we're not using its name.)

Shops: I love shopping at Harrods.

Bridges: Have you been to Tower Bridge? (Exception: The Golden Gate Bridge.)

Roads, streets, squares: He really hates shopping on Oxford Street.

Schools, colleges (when we use their names): He works at Birkbeck College.


Museums and art galleries: You must go to the British Museum.

Hotels: Have you ever had tea at the Ritz? (Hotels with possessives usually have 'no article': Claridge's).

Theatres: The play is on at the National Theatre.

Pubs: They met at the King's Head. (We often say 'the pub' when we're not using its name.)


Universities: We use the when the name has 'of' but not when it doesn't have 'of'. 'She studied at the University of Cambridge' but 'she studied at Cambridge University'.

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